Public health makes nothing happen...

T his sentiment was expressed by a colleague of mine at a recent meeting. If your public health system is working properly then you should notice nothing happening... no outbreaks of vaccine preventable or food -borne disease, no contaminated drinking water, no failing septic systems. You will be able to access medical care if you are laid-off from your job and lose your insurance. Your children will have safe places to play. Your parents and grandparents will be able to live at home with dignity as they age. Healthy food will be close by and affordable... and you will know how to prepare it. I can go on with this list for pages including things like planned healthy pregnancies, avoiding exposures to environmental toxins, firearm safety, etc. Public health touches every aspect of our lives.

A visual often used to define public health is that of a community that is constantly rescuing drowning people from a river, with public health workers depicted up stream at the cliff where everyone is falling in, building a fence. However, I must say here that the public health system works best if it has the materials and workers to build the fence and is not hampered by anti-fence rules imposed by people who refuse to go downstream and see the problem.

Toe River Health District has a vision that includes you...each person in our communities, we see you at your optimal level of health, living life to its fullest. Our mission is to assure the conditions exist in Avery, Mitchell and Yancey Counties that allow us all to achieve our own optimal level of health. In other words, Toe River Health District is charged with building the fence to keep you from falling off the cliff or if the fence cannot be built, to post warning signs and teach you to swim.

This website is one of the tools we are using to bring us closer to you and our vision. It includes information regarding our public health, home care and clinical services. We welcome feedback from you regarding our services and this website. Please browse, as there is a quantity of great health information in these pages.

Feel free to contact us with questions and please work with us as we strive to make "nothing happen".

Diane Creek, MSW
Health Director

General Administration
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Phone: 828 688-5060
Health Director: Diane Creek, MSW

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Toe River Health District is an equal opportunity provider. Services are available to all who may benefit and who meet regulatory requirements regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual preference, disability, age, socioeconomic level, marital status, source of payment, political affiliation, number of pregnancies, DNR/Advanced Directive status, or diagnostic status.

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